Monday, October 21, 2013

Thank You Medical Marijuana

We see the changes every day. Weed advertisements run in the newspaper. Outside tokers outnumber smokers in some Seattle neighborhoods. The police don't arrest people for buying and selling weed. They return confiscated flowers when the seller proves he's following our laws.

Next year, Washington State recreational marijuana will open for everyone. Our guests will travel from around the world to experience our cultures, our ways-of-life, and -- let's be honest -- the best damned weed in the world.

While we learn (and complain) about the details of Washington State Liquor Control Board's adopted recreational weed rules, we should pause to praise and remember the folks who got us here: the medical marijuana community.

Washington State legalized Medical Marijuana in 1998. The world did not end. Weed got better. More people smoked it.

From medical flowers new ideas grew. Better grows, organic farming, industrial extraction technologies, and medibles are but a few of their advances.

When it comes to culture, MMJ is here to stay. The black market gave us Cheech and Chong. Seth Rogan, James Franco, Sanjay Gupta, the Seattle City Council represent weed as medicine, performance enhancers, or economic engines.

No one can argue the quality of medical marijuana. Medical weed is so good, breeders are treated like
celebrities. Access points appear as reality television. MMJ enthusiasts publish reviews. The best labs THCs and rate turpenes. Weed medicine meet wine ratings. Look out Napa, Humbolt draws patients, not tourists.

At the end of 2012, as we inhale, hold our breath, and wait, we should celebrate those who came before us. Medical marijuana activists fought the law, and eventually, the law came around. They've taken the blunt of public abuse. Most people smoke weed to get high. Turns out society needs that kind of medicine most.

Take a moment to say appreciate the people who brought us here. Thank you medical marijuana. This next bowl is for you.